Creating the course prototype was a great experience as it allowed me to not only experiment with online course design, but by reviewing my colleagues prototypes as well, I’ve now got quite a collection of ideas for future plans!

Ashley, Nancy, and I decided to do a course regarding the digital citizenship continuum, our reasonings provided in my blog post A Course for Everyone. We decided to use Canvas as our LMS for reasons explained in my blog This Canvas Goes With Everything. I really enjoyed using Canvas and I am thinking about incorporating this into my classes for next school year. Everything came together quite nicely at the end, and I wrote about that process in my blog That’s a W(rap)! After reading some of our feedback, we made some changes to our course profile.

As a group, we decided to respond to our feedback via a screencast. Check it out!

If you would like to check out our course prototype in it’s entirety, head on over to Ashley’s blog where she has included login information.

I just want to end with a thank you to everyone in this class for all the professional development over the past few months, and a special thanks to Ashley and Nancy! It was a pleasure to work with two great educators and friends.

Thanks for a great semester all!

Live long and prosper