Well, we’ve made a choice! Nancy, Ashley, and I have decided to go with Canvas for our digital citizenship project and we better not disappoint now that there’s some pressure!

I decided to vlog to give my peers a bit of a look into Canvas for those that have decided to go with another LMS platform.


I thought that Logan’s exploration of Canvas this week really gives such a thorough look into what Canvas can/can’t do. I agree with everything that he says in that post, and I would just add that Canvas can pretty much offer anything that one might need. It might not be the most amazing at any one particular thing, but I thought it was solid and very capable of everything and it was the clean, user-friendly layout that sold me on it as this is critically important in my mind.

One of my favourite features was noted by Kyle and I brought it up in my vlog that students cannot see discussion replies until they themselves add their comment. I love that Canvas has taken steps to require students to have original input and not just be passive learners.

Kelsie did a comparison between Canvas and Google Classroom this week and she actually prefers Classroom. Her biggest reasoning was that she felt Canvas looked “cluttered and intimidating”. I actually felt completely different about this so that is just an example of how the same thing can appeal to two people quite differently. I wanted a broader comparison of LMS’s so I went to PC Magazine which provided this comparison between many LMS’s, but they stress in the article that each party has their own specific requirements and preferences and so each option can appeal to others based on their own needs.

Ashley and Nancy already utilize Edmodo quite extensively, but want to give another option a try. We all like the functionality and layout of Canvas so we have decided to give it a go! Also, @courosa has given it his approval, and that says something (although I didn’t agree with his preference of having the blog hub show entire blogs)!

I’m sure we will have more to report on the LMS front as we get more involved with Canvas over the course of the semester!

Live long and prosper