…we’re attracted to each other!

Just like Ashley’s blog ‘Ding Ding Ding! Round 3!’, this is my 3rd go around with the Alec-Katia experience! I’m also signed up for Round 4 in the fall! I have learned a lot in these edtech courses and keep coming back for more.

I tend to find myself being more of a digital visitor still at this point. These courses have made me do things that I’ve found lay outside of my comfort zone, but you typically have to do so in order to grow in meaningful ways. I have found great value in many edtech tools and understand the importance of digital skills and citizenship, but I still struggle with the pace of life I tend to find when I’m more engaged in digital activities. Still trying to find the right balance!

I am just finishing my 6th year of teaching and 5th at Regina Huda School. I am predominately a high school science teacher, and science is where my passion resides. No matter where I find myself in life, I’ll be trying to engender a love for awe and curiosity and increase scientific literacy. Biology has always been my main focus, but one unforgettable night at Cypress Hills, I looked up and saw a sky filled with nearly 2,000 stars, satellites, meteors, and the milky smear that is our galaxies disk. From that moment on, astronomy also took up residence in my spirit.


Photo Credit: www.moonrocksastro.com via Compfight cc

While science is not only a large part of my job, it also fills up much of my personal life from stargazing, to reading (often scientific literature), to going on walks and taking in all that the world has to offer along the way. I am a husband and father to one wonderful 2 year old (born on pi day), and I enjoy spending time with them and cooking for them as well! I used to curl competitively, but apparently being an adult is time consuming and you can’t do everything.


Oh, and I almost forgot! I’m a huge Blue Jays fan which some of you from EC&I 832 may remember in the fall as we had class during a playoff game and I made sure no one was spoiling it for me! Obviously a pretty frustrating start to the year this year. Playing .500 ball, but a shaky bullpen the cause of almost all of those losses!

Looking forward to a good few weeks with you all!

Live long and prosper