Book Creator, by Red Jumper Limited, doesn’t have an extremely long privacy policy as a result of the fact that it is not heavily social and doesn’t require much personal information.

It begins by expressing the difference between non-personal and personal data. The non-personal data is aggregate data that doesn’t identify an individual and includes information such as a users mobile phone carrier or the firmware that they are using. Red Jumper expresses that they may use third party analytics software for collecting non-personal data. The first tool they mention as possibly using is the Flurry analytics tool which analyzes use of services and they even provide a link that users can go to to opt out of this analytics tool. The application use is tracked with Google Analytics and a link to their privacy policy is included as well. This non-personal information can be shared with third parties.

The personal data includes information that can be used to identify you such as your name, address, email address, etc. When you use the Book Creator app, this information isn’t required, but Red Jumper can obtain this information when users subscribe to newsletters or request technical support for example.

Red Jumper goes on to express that they do not knowingly acquire personal information for children under the age of 13 and that if you believe that they have done so to please contact them and they will either acquire parental consent or remove that information promptly. Red Jumper may use your personal information, along with non-personal information, to communicate with you such things as products you may be interested in, whether their own products or third party products. It also expresses in the privacy policy that your personal information may be used for analyzing conversions from Twitter ads. A link is also provided for users to opt out of this campaign.

It goes on to include some possibilities of when personal information may be shared with third parties. If you read my blog on ShowMe’s privacy policy, you will find this to be quite similar. For example, personal information may be shared with third parties when they are providing services but these third parties should be using user personal information in accordance with Red Jumper’s privacy policy. Red Jumper may also share personal information for legal purposes such as fraud prevention. Also, personal information could be transferred as an asset in business exchanges.

Red Jumper expresses that they safeguard their user information, but there is no such thing as 100% protection when it comes to digital information.

For many teachers transitioning to include more technology use in the classroom, social media can be very intimidating. Of course there is lots of meaningful learning and engagement to happen here, but things can also go wrong and it can bring lots of attention to a situation. This can be scary for teachers who do not feel comfortable enough with the tools and how to use them just for themselves, let alone guide a class of students in their use. I think that a lot of teachers would say that the more social an application is, the more tentative they might be to use it. It’s hard to go from pen and paper straight to Twitter in the classroom, so an app like Book Creator can be a great tool that offers more safety and privacy for teachers wanting to take steps towards more public venues. This app can be utilized with no personal information being provided and the books created can be completely private and isolated on the particular device that it was created on. This provides a safe environment for students and teachers to work in. Books can be shared in more public spaces, and this provides a nice progression tool for students and teachers wanting to incorporate technology but start in a safe manner.

Of course, that’s not to say that this app doesn’t have use other than being a ‘safe’ tool. But it does allow students to have freedom to create work using technology in a very private setting and this has some advantages to it.

Live long and prosper