So last week I did a tutorial on the basics of creating a ShowMe presentation, and this week I’m going to show you some of the other features of the ShowMe app.


The picture below is what you will see when you are in the ‘My ShowMes’ tab. Up in the top left hand corner you can see that I am logged in to my account and if I click on that button then a drop down menu appears with the ability to edit my profile, change settings, invite friends, get support, or logout of my account. Clicking on support brings up a menu of common questions and problems, and it is really easy to navigate and easy to understand. It really is a great troubleshooting menu if you are having problems.





Under the ‘My Showmes’ tab, there is another group of options which include ShowMes, Courses, Following, Activity, and Notifications. If you are under ShowMes, it simply shows all of the videos you have created on your account and has an icon to create a new one. If you click on courses (like in the top picture above) you can see that beside all of the ShowMes you have created there is an option to create a new course. You can create courses which is a way of grouping ShowMes into whatever you would consider a course, whether it be a common topic or your entire biology course that you are teaching for example. You can make courses free to join, or you can try and spin a profit and charge people to have access to your courses. Courses are $9.99 and you would receive $5.00 for each person who pays for access to your course.


Clicking on the Following tab brings up a page which shows who you are following and who follows you. This is a feature similar to Twitter which is a way of networking and seeing new creations from people who you follow. The activity tab simply shows an account of your activity on the app, such as a timeline of your posts, and notifications works like notifications on facebook.


Clicking on the ‘Groups’ tab at the top of the app lets you either join a group or create a group. A group is similar to a course, except I would describe it as being more private. When you create a group, your group is given a group code which users need in order to join said group. You could create groups for the classes you teach and students would be able to join their specific class group with the code you provide them. Here they’ll be able to see all of the videos that have been created and added to this group. This is a great feature if you are running a flipped classroom or simply use video lessons as it allows students to have access to lessons whenever they want, wherever they are. There is even an analytics feature in a group to find out how many views and likes videos are receiving. Students can even make videos and post to the group which could be a great feature to help create a community of learners.


The last tab at the top of the app is called ‘explore’ and this feature lets you view any ShowMe video that has been made publicly. As you can see in the picture below, there is a menu on the left side of the page where you can search for any specific topic that you would like, or you can access videos by subject area. Clicking on a specific subject like math then takes you to a new page that replaces the menu on the left with a more specific one that has particular topics within the math subject. All of the videos in that topic are displayed for you to scroll through while also displaying data such as the number of likes the video has received, the author, and the length of the video. Clicking on one of these videos then brings up a window which allows you to watch the video but also displays related ShowMes beneath.




That is a quick guide on some of the other features of ShowMe! Next time we’ll be looking into the terms of service.


Live long and prosper