We recently received a bunch of ipads at our school and so to make sure that I am using them to their fullest I have decided that for my major project that I will be reviewing a couple apps. I have elected to play around with Book Creator, ShowMe, and the third one is still up in the air. I have had a few different ideas but if I’m going to spend many hours playing around with each one, then I want it to be something that I really plan on implementing into my teaching practice. I will nail one down soon!

I selected Book Creator predominantly for my keen interest in storytelling. Science isn’t traditionally known for stories, yet I think it is a discipline that has some of the richest stories to tell. I foresee me potentially using Book Creator as a tool to allow students to tell stories of discovery!

ShowMe intrigues me for a few reasons. I would describe it as a type of digital whiteboard. It allows one to create videos that record both audio and the physical work on the page which can be free handed drawn in, typed information, pictures, etc. I’m not sure that’s a great explanation but I’ll be posting videos soon! You can set your pages up prior to recording and simply narrate your presentation, but it’s nice to be able to also draw on your ‘slides’ while you are talking. Essentially, you are creating video lessons. I am both interested in creating videos for students and having students create videos for class. This medium has a lot of value for teachers interested in flipping their classroom or for teachers who have students who tend to miss classes frequently as you can create an archive of instructional videos.

The third one will be named soon! I think these apps have a lot of potential so check back and see if they could add value to your classroom too!

Live long and prosper.